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Terje Isungset: Ice Music

Forces of Nature #1

Our open-air concerts in January promise to be a spectacular experience – featuring instruments made of ice, they are also destined to become a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Even in a purely practical sense: After all, the actual instruments and ice landscape will be carved directly from ice on site. A one-off extravaganza that's not to be missed. 

The Ice Music concerts will not only pay a musical homage to the power of nature, but also have an even deeper meaning, offering us a timely wake-up call about climate change and sustainability. 

In the middle of January, the whiteBOX will literally be on top of the Werksviertel world to present an open-air spectacle in the depths of winter at the "München Hoch5" rooftop location: the Ice Music Festival by and with Terje Isungset from Geilo in Norway. The artist will give a total of four concerts, featuring different musicians, during the festival. The troupe will bring along their own instruments, made from naturally formed ice, to Munich. Other instruments for the Ice Music concerts will be carved from ice on site. Not only that, but the Swiss sculptor Eric Mutel will erect an impressive sculptural landscape of glistening clear ice on the roof of the WERK3 building. 

More than just music, the Ice Concerts are also about raising awareness for the vulnerability and volatility of our natural world. As a member of the audience, you will be sitting in the midst of an icy backdrop, while humanity as a whole sits on thin ice. As they melt directly before our eyes, the ice crystals will be reminiscent of the fragility of our habitat. And the audience will feel at one with this force of nature: by listening, seeing, feeling – and understanding. 

>> Terje Isungset

>> Ice Music

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BOXenstopp: Klima-Podium

Why We Make Music on Ice oder Klimawandel und Nachhaltigkeit in Wissenschaft, Alltag und Kunst

Information and discussion event with inspiring keynote speeches and an audience discussion on the burning issues of climate protection, glaciology and how the arts and cultural sectors can address these challenges.

Discussion partners:

- Terje Isungset, Ice Musician

- Nicolas Stoll from the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven

- Dr. Ludwig Braun, former head of the Commission for Glaciology at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Munich

Moderation: Dr. Martina Taubenberger

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Digitale Poesie

For the school project ‘Digital Poetry: Catching The Waves’, the artist duo Stephanie Müller and Klaus-Erich Dietl, along with the Israeli-born sound artist Emmanuel Witzthum, team up with pupils from the Hermann-Frieb Secondary School in Munich for a whole week to develop the creative dimensions of the new virtual, vibrant opportunities and to investigate the relationship between visual and sound elements – as well as the link between analogue and digital – in a range of interdisciplinary formats. A laboratory for sequences in image and sound will be their primary focus. The pupils are invited to exchange ideas with the goal of collectively developing sound landscapes and video walks. In doing so, the pupils will be encouraged to incorporate their own special artistic and musical talents. The goal involves discovering new sound spectrums beyond the realm of their own instruments. Throwing the rule book out the window, pupils will be allowed to experiment with noise and record their own sound miniatures. Free improvisation with everyday objects, punctuated by encounters between classical instruments and sound generators created by the pupils themselves, will take centre stage. As the process progresses, the pupils – ably assisted by Klaus-Erich Dietl and Stephanie Müller – will take a closer look at the interaction between image and sound. The face-to-face encounter with the sound artist, musician and composer Emmanuel Witzthum from Israel will provide the pupils with additional stimuli and a source of inspiration. As our Artist in Residence, he has been commissioned to create a video and sound installation for and about the Out Of The Box festival and the surrounding urbanscape, compiling his observations into an interdisciplinary artistic form. Over the course of conversations and workshop elements with Witzthum, the teenagers will get a first-hand live experience of how a professional artist handles the balancing act between the visual and acoustic worlds and what decisions he makes on his creative path. Together with Witzthum, the pupils will therefore also go on trips to the Werksviertel-Mitte and to Munich's urban spaces with the aim of recording their own acoustic and visual discoveries. At 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 19, visitors to the Out Of The Box festival in Munich's whiteBOX will get to experience the (interim) results of this process.

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The Digital Identities Storytelling Lab

Out of the box is excited to host the Munich edition of this global lab.

Are you a cultural pioneer working on digital projects? Join our 2-day lab to craft your innovation story and use it to activate audiences online and offline. This is a hands-on lab. You will work with international experts to learn how to create new forms of digitally-enabled interaction that will help you scale your work.

The lab is open to cultural professionals, startups and businesses in the creative industries. This includes music, fashion, architecture, media, theatre, film, dance and gaming. We encourage participants whose work creates positive social impact. 

Please register here.

The lab is free to attend. Only 25 places are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you are part of a company, studio or artist collective, we encourage at least two people take part.

Meet the team: Dr. Abhay Adhikari, Giulia Rancati, Sharna Jackson, Padma Priya

Find more information here (in german only the moment).

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Podium "Kultur digital - digitale Kultur?" Peformance: Distorted Vanity

Digitale Poesie

While on the other hand, the Digital Poetry panel discussion will convey background discussions into the public domain, bringing representatives from the worlds of politics and administration, science, art and industry – all of whom operate at the interfaces between their disciplines – to the festival stage.
The Distorted Vanity performance by Yves Peitzner and the video mapping duo mayer+empl will round off the evening.


January, 17th 2020 | 7 pm | whiteBOX


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ANNA Blumenkranz: Makerspace Wearables

Digitale Poesie - Klangfarben@Out Of The Box

Young developers will literally be able to “lend a hand” at Makerspace Wearables: The artist Anna Blumenkranz will run a workshop for children aged 9 and upwards, along with their parents, to experiment with how clothes, fabrics and sensors can be combined. Aimed at getting not just children, but also their entire family, to engage in communal creative activities, this endeavour ties in with the year-round “Klangfarben” (acoustic colours) outreach programme at whiteBOX.


January, 18th 2020 | 11 am | Gastatelier

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Digital Poetry #3

The combination of analogue and digital sounds is no longer a trailblazing phenomenon, but few artists have succeeded in anchoring this musical symbiosis so broadly and profoundly into their creative output as the pianist Ralf Schmid, as evidenced by PYANOOK, his futuristic piano recital project. Among his dizzying array of devices, he uses high-tech data gloves that allow him to control and manipulate the sounds of his piano as he plays. As part of the Out Of The Box festival 2020, Ralf Schmid will also present cutting-edge sensor technologies that he has devised in conjunction with computer scientists from the University of Freiburg. The dancer Cosima Dudel will influence Schmid’s piano sounds in real time through her manoeuvres within the room, leading to the emergence of a unique organic form of analogue-digital interaction.


20th January 2020 | 3pm | children concert | whiteBOX

20th January 2020 | 8pm | whiteBOX

>> Ralf Schmid/PYANOOK

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Not satisfied with bringing you music from ice and music underwater, this year we aim to treat you to music from a dizzying height. The gravity-defying PIANO VERTICAL concert, by and with Alain Roche, promises to be a HIGHlight of the year. Hailing from Switzerland, Alain Roche and his grand piano will be suspended by crane metres above the audience as he plays his own compositions from a vertical height. A special suspension system was developed for his piano, allowing him to play in the customary position. The pianist launched the floating PIANO VERTICAL project in 2013 and he has been playing his piano in skies around the world ever since.

The audience can look forward to a breakfast, including hot beverages, at the end of the concert.


January, 24th | 6:45 am

January, 25th | 6:45 am

January, 26th | 6:45 am

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The SHRINK installation by Lawrence Malstaf is a boundary-breaking art performance that evokes associations between the embryonic position and the crucifixion scene in the audience’s psyche. The performers will be literally shrink-wrapped between two layers of film. The air will be gradually extracted from the plastic films that hang within the room. The dancers will regulate the air supply via a hose, a procedure which is conducive to slow movements and the changing of positions. By hosting SHRINK, the “Out Of The Box” festival finally departs from the format of a purely music festival, demonstrating that “out of the box” also incorporates transgressions of the most elementary form in the shape of highly divergent artistic genres.


January, 25th 2020 | 9.00 am | 3.00 pm | 6.00 pm | whiteBOX

January, 26th 2020 | 9.00 am | 3.00 pm | 6.00 pm | whiteBOX

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BOXenstopp: SHRINK

Im Anschluss an die 18:00-Uhr-Vorstellungen am Samstag und Sonntag bieten wir mit dem Künstler Lawrence Malstaf im Format BOXenstopp einen Blick hinter die Kulissen an. Dabei können die BesucherInnen auch selbst "einsteigen" und erfahren, wie es sich anfühlt, Teil von SHRINK zu sein.

25. Januar 2020 | 18:45 Uhr | Gastatelier | Atelierstraße 18 (3. OG)

26. Januar 2020 | 18:45 Uhr | Gastatelier | Atelierstraße 18 (3. OG)

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Between Music AQUASONIC

Forces of Nature #2

The second production of the "Klingende Naturgewalten" (Melodious forces of nature) special focus programme also revolves around the element of water. But this time it won't be frozen, but in liquid form, acting as the soundscape for the artists and their music: Hailing from Denmark, the "Between Music" ensemble will present their Aquasonic show, performed fully underwater. Submerged in water tanks with glass walls, the group's five musicians will leave you mesmerised as they sing and play on specially designed instruments. The whole concept is mind-boggling – yet the result is both melodic and moving in an otherworldly way. The audience can expect to be swept away by this gripping spectacle of acoustic and visual brilliance. 

>> Between Music - AquaSonic

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Im Anschluss an die Konzerte am Freitag und Samstag wir mit den Musikern und Musikerinnen von Between Music im Format BOXenstopp einen Blick hinter die Kulissen an.

31. Januar 2020 | 21:15 Uhr | WERK7

01. Februar 2020 | 21:15 Uhr | WERK7

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Performance von Tatjana Busch

Soap bubbles trigger associations with so many things. With floating, lightness and a dream-like state. Or the playfulness and childlike sense of marvelment within us all. But they are also synonymous with shattered dreams, the fleeting, transient and intangible nature of pleasure. More recently, the English word ‘bubble’ has come to describe how we feel trapped in our own bubble, creating the illusion of conformity and unity in these complex times.

In her ‘Bubbles’ performance, the Munich-based artist Tatjana Busch adds colour pigments to soap bubbles, onto which she then projects light and film sequences. The accompanying music will be provided by Emmanuel Witzthum, the Artist in Residence of the Out of The Box festival, while the dancer Michaela Kadlčíková performs dance improvisations. The room and artist will gradually be painted through their interaction with the soap bubbles as the performance progresses. ‘Bubbles’ is therefore simultaneously both the beginning and the end, a projection screen that leaves a tantalising vestige of a fleeting movement. But above all, it has one overriding mission – acting as the poetic prelude to the festival finale.


February, 2nd 2020 | 3 pm | whiteBOX

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Festival Finale | ZOOMING OUT

Konzerte an unterschiedlichen Orten im Werksviertel-Mitte

11 bands + 11 locations = 22 gems awaiting discovery. This is the simple formula that underpins the ‘Zooming Out’ format. The spotlight will be fixed firmly on the local music scene and the up-and-coming Werksviertel-Mitte district with its innate diversity. Numerous locations, restaurants and bars, along with offices forecourts, studios and retail outlets, will be transformed into a stage. The musical spectrum will be ever so broad, stretching from the multi-faceted mix of Arabic and Afro music, jazz, rock and classic from the JISR ensemble to the quirky avant-garde sound art with a sewing machine and other everyday sound-generating objects from the duo SEWICIDE right up to the inimitable combination of traditional Bavarian instruments with funk or even techno beats as presented by the Spuimanovas formation.

Other programme highlights include

  • the singer-songwriter duo Gíse
  • the composer Verena Marisa on her unusual, touch-free solo instrument known as the theremin;
  • the magically enraptured sounds of the exceptional harpist and singer Arden, who shot to fame with her project MarieMarie with which she competed in the German preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014;
  • the saxophonist Hugo Siegmeth and guitarist Axel Wolf with their ‘Flow’ performance featuring the harmonious and timeless beauty of their inimitable liaison of renaissance and jazz;
  • the minimalistically poetic crossover sound of the electropop duo Leichtmetall;
  • the multi-instrumentalist Titus Waldenfels with his mix of western swing, blues & exotica as part of a duo with Margreth Außerlechner;
  • the acoustic-electronic project Fallwander by Theresa Zaremba and Teresa Allgaier;
  • The Hercules and Leo Case with their experimental-deconstructivist sound somewhere at the interface between performance, voice art and acoustic field research.

The invited bands, soloists and ensembles share just one common trait: Their music defies pigeonholing, making them the ideal fit for the ‘out of the box’ festival motto.

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Festival Finale | Dissolving Localities

von Emmanuel Witzthum

Emmanuel Witzthum is the Artist in Residence of the Out Of The Box festival. Currently living in Israel, the sound and visual artist regards the invitation as an opportunity for him and his colleagues, Thomas Köner and Arik Futterman, to fully immerse themselves in a project that deals with another primary focus of whiteBOX: the relationship between humankind and space, the environment and communication. Reality becomes a variable, the significance of which changes during the transition from an analogue to a digital world, but also during the switch from the mundane, natural form to artistic interpretation. Witzthum and his team will collect images and sounds from the events held throughout the festival for Dissolving Localities in order to transform them into a conclusory original performance. It will involve an audio-visual game with the levels of perception because, due to the dissolution of the real through the transformative power of art, security becomes a possibility. And this changes the view of reality, the immutability of which is up for discussion.


February, 2nd 2020 | 7 pm | whiteBOX

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Out Of The Box Out Of The Box Dance Night

Local Heros

And then we’ll all dance the night away. Two young bands, with their roots firmly in Munich, are testament to the colourfulness and diversity of the current music scene. The trio Lovemen, headed by the singer Maximilian Höcherl, has a soft spot for the funky pop of the 80s, for example. Founded about two years ago, they have gone on to give numerous concerts, produced an EP and amassed a multitude of likes in social media from fans thrilled by their fresh new take on disco-soul and party grooves. Their music merges the esprit and coolness of the present with the vintage charm of a long-gone era, taking the sound of the pioneers of black music, clubbing and rare groove to the next level. MadsiusOvanda, on the other hand, integrate a lot of indie pop into their R&B repertoire. New to the scene – their debut album is scheduled for release in spring – Pia Ovanda and Carina Madsius combine psychedelic and electronic elements in their mixture of dream pop and contemporary sounds, which they artfully condense into a stage performance that will leave you wondering whether to dance or simply listen. Two great musical delights from the talent pool of today, a worthy conclusion that tangibly and emotionally points the way towards a future whose creative potential is explored by the Out Of The Box festival.


February, 2nd 2020 | 9 pm | whiteBOX


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Out Of The Box for Children

360° Music Education

Instilling an appreciation of music in children, teenagers and families is one of the festival's overriding missions – which explains why the Out Of The Box music mediation concept goes the extra mile. We therefore opted not to invite any established children's concerts as guest performances. Instead, the music mediator Martina Oberhauser was asked to develop a mediation programme geared specifically towards the Out Of The Box festival. To ensure that the music and individual programme focal points are accessible to all, special events for children and teenagers – but also for adults – will be held in conjunction with all the festival's productions. These will primarily focus on interacting with the musicians and joining in with the music-making. 

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