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Away from the ordinary – under your skin. A festival like no other: with instruments made of ice, underwater concerts and a virtual tour of the senses. Coming soon to the Werksviertel-Mitte district of Munich.

Out Of The Box is a music festival featuring out-of-the-ordinary, international musical productions that steadfastly defy categorization. It will also creatively use and breathe fresh life into venues far removed from jazz clubs and concert halls. The festival will be held in the new Werksviertel-Mitte district in the east of Munich and will be hosted by whitebox Kultur gGmbH.


The English expression "thinking out of the box" stands for the ability to break free from established thought patterns and to transcend the boundaries of conventionality. The whiteBOX mission involves the promotion of artistic formats well beyond the confines of the ordinary and familiar. As evidenced by the Out Of The Box festival, we are about to take this pledge to a whole new level. Ever eager to lead by example, we are about to literally step "out of the box" ourselves by bidding a temporary adieu to our beloved whiteBOX and transporting our musical caravan to other locations and platforms in Werksviertel-Mitte. And by daring to do the seemingly impossible: staging open-air concerts in January; presenting concerts with instruments made of ice; flooding 5 water tanks with 9,000 litres of water for the underwater Aquasonic performance; and taking you with us on this voyage of discovery and letting you get as close to the action as humanly possible.

All this with the goal of providing artists with a platform to achieve the unthinkable. We want to lay down new benchmarks for interdisciplinary artistic productions. But first and foremost – we want to connect people through shared experiences that really get under their skin.

We hope you have loads of fun at Out Of The Box.